About Us

About ITS Pennsylvania

As an official State Chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, ITS Pennsylvania (ITSPA) is a society of professionals dedicated to the development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Pennsylvania. Originally formed in 1995 and rejuvenated in 2003, ITSPA is a volunteer society of more than 50 organizations, consisting of:

  • Public transportation agencies
  • Mass transit agencies
  • Private consultant, integration, manufacturer, and vendor companies
  • Academic institutions and research centers

While our members have diverse organizational goals, they share a common mission through ITS Pennsylvania.


Our Vision

ITSPA will be the “go to” organization in Pennsylvania on the engagement, education, and influence of all transportation technology and operational implementations to promote a safer, more mobile, and highly productive Commonwealth.


Areas of Focus

  1. Engage more non-civil engineering members (Uber, Waze, etc.), student, academia, and transit.
    • Goals
      • Add one transit and one freight member to ITSPA
      • Determine the largest freight/logistics companies in PA and engage them
  1. Facilitate/Educate legislators and student to better promote the benefits of ITS operations/deployments.
    • Goals
      • Establish a working relationship with ACEC
      • Be more involved as an organization with the Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference. Have our own session.
  1. Provide an opportunity for workforce development
    • Goals
      • Engage ten students
      • Provide for ITSPA mentorship/internship program
      • Have a minimum of two schools in each geographic region that we routinely meet with twice a year to discuss ITS and operations