ITSPA Board of Directors Elections

November 8, 2017

ITSPA Board of Directors Elections


As the cooler weather is upon us, it’s time to vote in new people on to the 13 member Board of Directors (BoD) for ITSPA. As a member of ITSPA, you can poll and consolidate your company/organization to provide nomination(s) for up to four (4) positions on the ITSPA BoD to serve a three (3) year term expiring December 31, 2020.

Below are the members of the current Board. Those in bold denote their term is ending this year and are eligible for re-election. Those in bold and stricken out are NOT eligible or have declined to run for re-election. To Vijay, Bob, and Brian, we all appreciate all of your efforts for the number of years you have served the organization! We wouldn’t be as successful without your dedication. Thank you!

Candidate Requirements
All ballot candidates will be required to provide a ½ page bio answering the below questions. (Format of the bio’s will be provided to each candidate after confirming their intent to run). Bio’s will be made available at the time of ballot distribution.
• Work background (Company, Position, Role).
• Describe your past and current participation in ITSPA.
• What three (3) things would you specifically like to accomplish as a Board Member of ITSPA.

Current Board Members
Kevin Hunt (2017) – Gannett Fleming
Brian Keaveney (2017) – Pennoni Associates
Bob Taylor (2017) – PA Turnpike
Vijay Varadarajan (2017) – AECOM

Dan Corey (2018) – AECOM
Jason Previte (2018) – Bronder Technical Services
Amber Reimnitz (2018) – PA Turnpike
Courtney Ehrlichman (2018)
Paul Carafides (2019) – DVRPC
Drew Hogan (2019) – Drive Engineering
Steve McGinley (2019) – JMT
Kevin Conahan (2019) – Drive Engineering
Dan Ormand (2019) – Rybinski Engineering

Please email all nominations to Dan Corey by November 17, 2017. Those being nominated will be called to confirm that they would like to serve on the BoD and be placed on the ballot. Ballots will be sent to ITSPA member organizations later in November. Election results will be announced at the December BoD meeting at the TESC up in Penn State.

Please do not hesitate to contact a BoD member for thoughts on how to best answer the ballot questions or to be a potential candidate.