Below are the presentations slides for your viewing pleasure.

Session 1A2

TraffiCloud Enabled ITS for a Connected World
– Eric Kline

Session 1A3

Collaborative Decision Making Tools for Significant Event Coordination
– Nikola Ivanov

Session 1B2

Crosswalk Safety in PA
– Patrick Wright

Session 1B3

PennDOT’s Traffic Signal Asset Management System has Arrived!
– Todd Trautz

Session 2A1

I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) Project
– Anush Nejad

Session 2A2

Cost-Effectiveness of Using Connected Vehicle Infrastructure for Internet Access
– Alexandre Ligo
& Jon Peha

Session 2A3

Evaluating Measures of Effectiveness in Congested Urban Areas
– Jeff Moore

Session 2B1

Calibration of Traffic Cameras for Pedestrian Monitoring
– Luis E. Navarro-Serment

Session 2B2

ITS in Works Zone is Smart Business
– F. Todd Foster, P.E.

Session 2B3

Active School Zone Safety Management
– Mike Post

Session 3A1

An Alternative to Traditional Optimization Techniques for Coordinated Signals
– Janet Choi, TSOS

Session 3A2

Cranberry Twp Green Light GO
– Eamonn Clements, PE, IMSA

Session 3A3

PennDOT District 6-0 Signal Timing Initiative
– Bill Hitchens

Session 3B1

From Integrated Corridor Management to Regional Corridor Management – A Dallas Experience
– Dr. Ahmad Sadegh

Session 3B2

Route 30 Multimodal Study
– Nicole Kline, P.E., PTOE

Session 3B3

The Key to Making Parking a Real Part of ITS
– Jason Jones

Session 4A1

Cost and Benefit Estimates of Partially-Automated Crash Avoidance
– Corey Harper

Session 4A2

Interchange Signing Plan
– Cory Greene, P.E., PTOE

Session 4A3

Road Diets – Rethinking 4-Lane Roads
– Jackie Clark

Session 4B1

Part-Time Hard Shoulder Running
– Sean Coffey

Session 4B2

I-66 Active Traffic Management
– Alan Toppen, PE

Session 4B3

Integrating ITS Devices into NextGen ATMS
– Kevin Hunt, PE, PTOE
& Jim Polczynski

Session 5A1

Data Driven Decisions
– Doug Tomlinson

Session 5A2

Integrated Planning for Effective Project Delivery
– Jeffrey Reigner

Session 5B1

Using Bluetooth Detector Data for the Clarion Relief Route Study
– Rachel Brownlee, P.E., PTOE & Keith Johnson

Session 5B2

Transforming I-66 Outside the Capital Beltway
– Anthony Gallo, P.E.

Session 5B3

Regional Cashless Tolling Planning Study for Southwest Pennsylvania
– Domenic D’Andrea, P.E., PTOE & Keith Johnson